Sustainability: How can we make a difference?

One of the main themes that emerged at Gruppo Lavoropiù‘s convention (the parent company of Pyou’s international branches) was sustainability. This article was elaborated from an analysis published in our internal newsletter: we will introduce you to the sustainability path taken by our Group.

Sustainability and ESG: An initial definition.

Let’s start with ESG certification. It is important to note that this certification is not only a branding and regulatory requirement but also a way of transforming the business to meet future needs.

What does ESG mean?

Behind the acronym ESG are three clear ideas:

  • Environment
  • Social
  • Governance.

These three dimensions verify, measure, and, most importantly, support a company’s commitment to sustainability.

They represent the very basis of the concept of Corporate Sustainability.

Environment: what are we doing, and what more can we do?

Concerning evaluation logic, environmental criteria assess how a company behaves towards its location and the environment in general.

For this reason, Gruppo Lavoropiù strongly wishes to incentivize:

  • a new decarbonization policy
  • the promotion of more conscious use of energy internally. 

The goal? The reduction of gas consumption.

While lowering gas consumption is a government commitment that has led to the adoption of several measures, including those concerning the containment of heating, our path to sustainability doesn’t start with it. Gruppo Lavoropiù, in fact, has long since taken several actions designed to reduce the environmental impact of its business: the gradual replacement of water jugs with filter dispensers, the gradual replacement of LED lighting, the installation of class A++ heat pump and energy-saving machines, and the use of recycling bins.

However, at this precise moment in history, the contribution of each of us will be even more valuable in strengthening our commitment to environmental issues.

The first step in this direction is precisely the containment of gas consumption through rational and uniform use of resources.

Our Group has chosen to keep office temperatures within 20°C for the fall/winter period. During routine maintenance, technicians will set the heating systems to this threshold, so we ask you to support us by not altering the temperature setting.

Respecting this simple guideline means actively adhering to the initiative and putting forth a small concrete action for a goal of great ethical value.

The Social and Governance Dimension

On the other hand, social impact criteria look at a company’s effect on the local area, its people, employees, suppliers, and customers. There can be no environmental and social sustainability without economic sustainability.

There can be no economic sustainability without environmental and social sustainability. Sustainability is not only an ethical issue but – above all – a matter of business, competitiveness, and sustainability of a business project over time

sustainability goals

A project that comes to fruition because of its people

A sustainable company develops relationships with its employees marked by transparency, mutual respect, the enhancement of skills and their protection, and shared and widespread well-being.

In concrete terms, a sustainable company already develops a solid and efficient value chain upstream. It complies with laws, regulations, and commitments to institutions and pays all fees, contributions, taxes, and taxes.

Our Company’s responsibility is to ensure business continuity, which is its primary commitment.

Gruppo Lavoropiù has always focused on a commitment to business continuity. We are spokespersons for a conscious culture of corporate sustainability aligned with the values of healthy growth, which are the basis of sustained performance.