Not Just Active Employment Policies

Social Inclusion

Our commitment to the community goes beyond AEP: potential and talent are present at any society level around us. We work hard to have a positive social impact through our services, in cooperation with the local authorities, and according to the specific norms we operate on:


Active Employment Policies (AEP) are initiatives to promote unemployed people’s job opportunities through activities and specific training, developed to increase employability and skills.
Gruppo Lavoropiù’s AEPs include activities such as vocational training, scouting, orientation, internships, and skill assessment. All these actions, in partnership with institutions and public bodies, are entirely free.
AEPs are not just simple and practical tools for unemployed people. This approach also provides companies with the opportunity to meet experienced and qualified candidates, with an extra boost: the desire and motivation to be back in the middle of the action!


Since 2017, Gruppo Lavoropiù made a step forward to take on one of the main challenges of the area where its headquarters are located. Several companies in the area of packaging and automation cannot find an adequate number of qualified technical operators. Specialized schools do not have enough students with the proper skills.
In this scenario, our Group decided to get into the game and organize a dedicated event to overcome this obstacle and facilitate the match between job offers and candidates. This event is Industry Meets Talent: in a single day, companies meet a specific number of candidates from all over Italy, already carefully pre-selected by our professionals, within an adequate space, such as the business area inside the Serie A Stadium Renato Dall’Ara in Bologna. Planned as a one-shot-project, IMT was a success and is now a regular yearly event that we will be glad to propose elsewhere under adequate circumstances.


The transition between education and work can feel like a big jump to the unknown. Lavoropiù Goes to School aims to help students better understand the dynamics inside the companies and industries of their interest while  sparking their interest and curiosity. Seminars are conducted in a team: the companies’ technicians fascinate young students by describing the processes or products that characterize their work. Specific educational paths in industrial automation, cosmetics, logistics, and IT are developed through an open table between companies, teachers, and HR professionals. Another success of the Gruppo Lavoropiù to improve our social context, with the goal of understanding the making of a professional: technical knowledge, rules, roles, curiosity, attention, passion, and determination.


Working is not just a fundamental right or a way to provide support to yourself and your family. It is also the network of connections that make our communities stronger.

That’s why Pyou cares: age, race, and gender are never an issue.