It’s not just people, it’s talent

Recruitment Solutions





The critical factor of our services is always our commitment to identify
the best profiles corresponding to your needs.

With its knowledge and skills, our staff will quickly recognize the best
candidates, seizing every available opportunity.


The Executive Search process focuses on the middle & top management profiles. It adds to the standard recruiting procedures a more comprehensive check due to the vast professional background of the suitable candidates. In this process, Pyou gives special attention to managerial and leadership skills. Our consultants are mostly bilingual, with professional knowledge of additional foreign languages. Such an experience provides an in-depth understanding not just of the single languages, but also of the cultural background behind them — an additional and crucial value when looking for executives for a global environment. Executive Search is successful only when it provides the basis for a long-lasting relation: this is the reason for our total commitment.


Companies do not need just employees, they need talent.
Talent leaves clues, and our recruiting process is structured to identify the one specific for your needs. We begin an in-depth analysis of the business structure, including values, strategic objectives, and corporate culture. In this way, we collect relevant information necessary to select resources fully aligned. This working methodology, integrating the legitimate goals and ambitions of both parts, ensures maximum compatibility between the profiles of candidates and the talent the company is looking for. This is the standard of excellence that customers recognize in Pyou.


The same approach is implemented for our temporary recruitment services: from short-term sickness leaves to long-term projects, from maternity leaves to peaks of production.
When we receive a detailed request from our clients, we immediately match it with profiles in our extensive database. This attitude creates a long-lasting relation that represents the base for such a flexible service.
When necessary, we can also hire them for you: for more information please refer to each specific country site or contact us.
In many cases, temporary recruitment can become the first step towards a permanent placement inside the company.