Pyou Life Tour 2023 @ Italian V.I.B.E.S. Convention

The week-long #PyouLifeTour2023 offered an unparalleled immersion into the vibrant world of Gruppo Lavoropiù. Pyou, its international brand, brought together its global workforce in the charming city of Bologna, where the headquarters of the Group are. The tour included the partecipation at Italian V.I.B.E.S. (Gruppo Lavoropiù’s) 2023 Convention. This experience marked a pivotal gathering for Pyouers from Brazil, Spain, and the United Kingdom but also created a unique platform to observe, participate and share.


Welcome to Lavoropiù’s Heartbeat

Every Pyouer had the opportunity to deep-dive into the ecosystem of our Group. A well-planned agenda and extensive tours of our headquarters, including the specialized divisions, gave everyone a 360-degree perspective of our operations. It was an occasion to meet the directors, and discover the vast scope of our enterprise.

Experience Sharing and Collaboration

The combination of the Tour and the Convention was an opportunity for the teams from around the world to work together and share experiences. It promoted sharing expertise, perspectives, and ideas, creating a fertile environment for innovation and growth. A visit to Sanipiù, our division specialized in healthcare, and to several other teams of our Group further emphasized the importance of nurturing relationships and expanding our business horizons with our valued clients.


Focused Team Meetings

On the final day of the Tour, we had a series of interactive meetings with specialized Teams, namely Kaizen, Diversity & Inclusion, Sustainability, and IT Security. These sessions were of utmost importance as they delved into various crucial aspects of our work that truly set us apart in the industry. Each Team showcased their expertise and shared valuable insights that have helped us establish new benchmarks for excellence in our field. By addressing topics such as continuous improvement (Kaizen), fostering inclusivity and diversity within our organization, promoting sustainable practices, and ensuring robust IT security measures, we can stay ahead of the curve and maintain a competitive edge in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape.

Moments of Team Building

In addition to the professional aspects, the experience also provided a plethora of team-building activities that greatly contributed to fostering a sense of belonging among Pyouers. Aside from the enriching work-related sessions, attendees had the opportunity to engage in various shared meals and group aperitifs. These informal settings facilitated meaningful interactions and allowed relationships to flourish beyond the boundaries of the professional sphere. The combination of both formal and informal activities ensured that strong bonds were formed and existing connections were reinforced, creating a vibrant and supportive network among all participants.

A Grand Finale: Celebrating Italian Excellence

The week culminated with a grand Convention on July 1st. Gruppo Lavoropiù’s 2023 Convention came to life in a day filled with harmony, shared emotions, and the importance of recognizing ourselves as individuals united in a group. The event, entitled “Italian V.I.B.E.S. (Vision- Commitment-Beauty-Excellence-Knowledge)” was held at the prestigious Unipol Arena.

The atmosphere and enthusiasm that filled our Group’s Convention truly celebrated Italian Excellence. The theme of  “Italian Vibes” highlighted the qualities of intuition, versatility, taste, and creative genius that define Italian talent. The day was dedicated to exploring true stories of excellence in the world of business and work, while also acknowledging the extraordinary skills that Gruppo Lavoropiù professionals bring with them.

The entire Pyouers group was present, fully participating in this long and intense day that saw various activities including interventions from the senior management of the group: Enrico Fini (Chairman), Rudy Parracino (General Manager), Daniele Ottavi (Executive Director), Leonardo Apicella (Chief Operating Officer), Matteo Naldi (Marketing Manager), and Leonardo Bonzi (Director of Specialized Divisions). Among the other distinguished guests, we would like to mention Chicco Giuliani and Vittoria Hyde (presenters), Paola Catapano (CERN), Igles Corelli (5* Michelin chef), and Carlo Branzaglia (3-time ambassador of Italian Design worldwide). Of course, we can’t forget the intervention by Silvia Monfort Solà, the Manager of the international brand, Pyou.

The best way to conclude a day like this could only be with the “vibrant” music of Fabri Fibra during his concert at Sequoie Music Park, sponsored by Gruppo Lavoropiù.

Final Thoughts

Pyou Life Tour 2023 @ Italian V.I.B.E.S. Convention once again demonstrates how Gruppo Lavoropiù embraces Diversity and Inclusion, recognizing how the fusion of cultures and skills can enrich the Team and yield astonishing results. The days in Bologna and the Convention witnessed a beautiful interweaving of ideas and perspectives, transforming the event into a dynamic launchpad for new connections and collaborations.


We believe the best way to express all of this is through the words of Silvia Monfort Solà, the head of Pyou’s international branches, taken from her speech presented at the Convention:

Made in Italy encompasses much more than just creating a high-quality product with good design. It represents a philosophy and a way of doing things, with an unwavering commitment to EXCELLENCE and doing them EXCEPTIONALLY WELL.

Pyou is comprised of people, both in Italy and abroad, who work remotely but TOGETHER to offer our unique way of doing outside of Italy. Having branches abroad requires considering not only the economic aspects but also the historical, cultural, and linguistic factors that influence the ways of doing and perceiving the world. This includes the world of work, which varies from country to country. Just like in long-distance relationships, misunderstandings may arise and will always be present. However, to make them work, it takes one word: Commitment! (and a touch of healthy humor)