New corporate structure. Lavoropiù Holding is born.

Bologna, June 21st, 2024 – During today’s Shareholders’ Meeting, in addition to the approval of the financial statements, the presidency of Enrico Fini was confirmed. He will continue to preside over Lavoropiù with the goal of consolidating the results achieved and progressing in the innovation of the services offered.

The Board of Directors is setup as follows:

  • Enrico Fini, President
  • Giovanni Freddi, Vice President
  • Tomaso Freddi, Honorary President
  • Daniele Ottavi, Executive Director

A significant news is the establishment of Lavoropiù Holding, with Giovanni Freddi as President. This strategic action reflects the cohesion of the corporate structure, entirely composed of the Fini and Freddi families, each with a 50% share. The stability of the ownership structure and the full agreement on future development activities testify to the solidity and shared vision for the future of Lavoropiù.

The establishment of the holding company represents a significant step for Lavoropiù that will bring numerous strategic and operational advantages. The new structure will allow for stronger governance and the acquisition of new business opportunities. The holding company will facilitate the exchange of know-how and best practices among the various companies in the group, stimulating innovation and the development of new solutions for clients.

“I am deeply honored to take on the presidency of the new holding company. The solid structure and shared goals between the Fini and Freddi families will enable us to face future challenges with an even stronger foundation,” said Giovanni Freddi, newly appointed President of Lavoropiù Holding.

Furthermore, for the first time in its history, the company has surpassed 200 million euros in revenue. The 2023 financial statements closed with sales and service revenues amounting to 204,455,883 euros, recording a 6% increase compared to the 2022 financial year.

“This historic result is a clear demonstration of the dedication and hard work of all our people. Surpassing 200 million euros in revenue marks an important milestone and motivates us to continue innovating and improving our services. As evident from the first consolidated financial statements in the history of our company, the contribution of Forpiù Srl has been very significant in terms of profitability, allowing us to strengthen our training offerings and guarantee increasingly aligned update and qualification paths with the needs of the labor market,” said Enrico Fini, President of Lavoropiù SpA.