Movies to watch for HR people: 1. Coach Carter

Coach Carter: How to improve the performance of your team

Coach Ken Carter returns to his former high school basketball team in Virginia but is soon disturbed by the negative attitudes of the group, which generates abysmal performances. He will “change the game” by implementing solid motivational techniques.

Takeout for HR people

Coach Carter wants to make a difference in the lives of all the basketball players on his team, enforcing an intense contract that makes them behave respectfully, get good grades, dress appropriately, and respect other people on campus. This doesn’t make him popular with the young athletes initially: a risk to be disliked that is also common in HR environments.

Carter defends his approach during the arguments, convincing the boys that they need decent values for their futures. And he ends up having a more significant impact. HR leaders can take notes from here for assisting employees in realizing what is essential in life and achieving their full potential (even if unaware of it).

Organizations must set goals and instill a belief in the team to reach these objectives. HRs need to strengthen teamwork and build a strong team spirit as leaders to realize the team’s collective potential at work truly.

Teams should have clear objectives. The goals of any organization should be set and instill the belief within the group that they can reach those objectives. HR can achieve this by strengthening teamwork and building a solid team spirit and values as leaders.