Talent everywhere

International Recruitment

This is the service for companies looking for professionals outside their country of reference.

We guarantee a high-value global coverage of all search and recruiting processes: our goal is our clients’ success. Our multilingual and multicultural team, with full knowledge, analyzes what is needed and identifies the best candidates through a careful selection process. The twenty-year experience alongside companies makes us an ideal partner to identify, worldwide, highly qualified profiles (middle and top managment). These resources will bring abroad the corporate culture of the headquarters, others, culturally different, will allow Italian companies to increase in value thanks to an inevitable intercultural process.

Last but not least, we rely not only on our team’s professionalism but also on a vast network of contacts, our regularly updated international database and modern and technological recruiting tools.

PEO (Professional Employer Organization)

Pyou’s PEO services will make your expansion in new territories painless and easy. If you want to explore a new market but don’t have your own company or legal entity, we can hire the candidates you are looking for, or the employees you are moving to the new destination. Consulting abroad starts from the study of the company to know its values, strategic objectives, products, culture and organization. We supports companies step by step by building and ensuring a personalized service.
We will help in dealing with payrolls and HR issues, remaining compliant to local legislation, and other activities like health insurance, wellness, risk management, retirement plans, taxation, etc. All this without the hassle and the expenses related to creating a foreign subsidiary, a great way to reduce your employer costs.