Pyou for the Community: People & Places

How we give back

We can only change the world by having a real impact on the community we live in: real and enduring transformation starts with small steps.

That is the reason why we care for the people and places where we are active. Gruppo Lavoropiù co-operates with staff, business partners, local institutions, candidates, and clients to provide dedicated activities with a 360-degree perspective for a positive social impact.

Welfare & Donations

We aim to provide value to the communities and places that host our branches. Through the Bologna ci sta a cuore project (Bologna close to our Heart), Lavoropiù donated over 80 defibrillators in all schools and school gyms in the city, to increase the protection and safety of students, the only asset we have to imagine a better future. Over the years, Lavoropiù has made essential contributions for urban and architectural restoration works, especially in favor of monuments and iconic places to preserve their value and prestige over time. In Bologna, the beating heart of our business, we have actively supported the restoration of Fontana del Nettuno, San Petronio Basilica, and the Arches of San Luca.

We support associations for medical research, children’s associations, and social cooperatives, an opportunity to participate in special and meaningful projects and enhance initiatives to improve the collective wellbeing.

Finally, our projects in the area of inclusion in the labor market allowed us to be present in the Register of Inclusive Companies of the city of Bologna.

Sponsorships & Contribution

Lavoropiù is a sponsor of important sports and cultural initiatives. These activities allow us to provide visibility to our brand through the positive values of sport and culture and be ever closer to our general audience.
In the cultural sphere, we regularly support numerous theaters, exhibitions, concerts, and festivals like:

Sponsorship of professional sports teams such as Bologna FC (football) and Federazione Italiana Tennis e Padel (tennis); Imoco Volley Conegliano (volleyball); Urania Basket Milano and Basket Ravenna (basketball); Tony Arbolino (racing sports).
Organization of art and music events, like this year’s Sanmartime 2020 in Bologna, and the Stupinigi Sonic Park Festivals (twin events in Torino and Bologna). 


From this attention to the world of culture and art comes a project we are very proud of:
Lavoropiù Masterclass, where art and work converge.
The initiative consists of talents belonging to different arts and skills: writing, cooking, music, communication, and photography. Each Master is the protagonist of a free workshop aimed at aspiring artists and anyone who wants to cultivate their passion.


Job & Recruiting Events

Lavoropiù actively engages in the main Career Days events organized by universities and training agencies. Our branded recruitment events offer our client companies a high standard of quality and professionalism and to guarantee candidates the opportunity to meet entrepreneurial realities interested in hiring. A special mention goes to Industry Meets Talent, a unique dedicated event where companies in the area of packaging and automation meet candidates from around Italy, pre-selected by our specialists.

Connecting schools & companies

We believe that lives can be transformed through education and knowledge sharing, with a straight influence on the local communities and the world of work. With our initiatives, we guide students at the end of their studies and help them identify the paths and careers most in line with their attitudes and aspirations. Because a professional is made not just of technical knowledge but of rules, roles, curiosity, attention, passion, and determination.
Our Lavoropiù Goes to School project aims to help students better understand the dynamics inside the companies and industries of their interest while sparking their interest and curiosity through the organization of seminars and training courses. We do it in collaboration with leading companies interested in meeting and inserting talented young people within their staff.

We work as a team: the companies’ technicians fascinate young students by describing the processes or products that characterize their work. Specific educational paths in industrial automation, cosmetics, logistics, and IT are developed through an open table between companies, teachers, and HR professionals.


It is something enriching that keeps you in touch with your community and its citizens:
an experience that broadens your perceptions of the world. It is a connection with ideas and people where you gain a unique
sense of purpose, but that, above all, can really make a difference.
For our group, helping the communities where we operate is an opportunity to grow: not just as a company
but as a group that wants and can make a difference.

This is our idea for an active corporate citizenship where our activities must always have a positive impact
on society as a whole to provide support and engagement in the community.