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Our Group has received significant recognition for its Diversity & Inclusion policies. Considering this achievement, we are delighted to present an interview with Angela Balducci, Sustainability Manager of Gruppo Lavoropiù, and Patrick Forestieri, CEO of Noema HR. Noema HR is the company that assisted our group in achieving these results as an inclusive company.

On March 24, 2023, Gruppo Lavoropiù obtained a double certification for its inclusive capacity. Specifically, it has obtained from certification body KIWA the ISO 30415:2021 Diversity & Inclusion Management certificate, which is recognized in 165 countries, and the Italian UNI PdR 125/22 certification on Gender Equality.

These recognitions attest a consolidated commitment to all sustainability issues, as well as to the goals of Agenda 2030, which Gruppo Lavoropiù, with entirely Italian capital but a strong international outlook, has fully embraced.

Angela Balducci. What are the reasons for this commitment?

For many years our Group has been carrying out projects for women’s inclusion, involving important stakeholders such as universities and institutions. The desire to become certified stems from the desire to systematize a series of initiatives on inclusion, measure their impact, and identify new areas for improvement. We believe our activities should serve as a stimulus for our clients to develop their most valuable resource – their people. We must first demonstrate our commitment to this.

Patrick Forestieri. Why is it important to certify an organization’s inclusive capacity?

The reasons are numerous and concrete. They are not only ethical, but also contribute to sustainability and overall corporate performance. Some of them include:
• The creation of a structured approach to valuing diversity and continuously improving its inclusive capacity, moving away from the logic of one-time initiatives.
• The development of the organization’s performance: studies such as Deloitte’s “The Diversity & Inclusion Revolution” demonstrate that inclusive companies are six times more agile and innovative, triple their performance, and double their economic results.
• A widespread engagement: a corporate population that perceives corporate engagement and feels included will put more effort and involvement into achieving their goals.

Angela Balducci. How will Gruppo Lavoropiù’s commitment to these issues continue?

We are proud of this milestone, which also represents a starting point for us to spread a virtuous circle of inclusion and equal opportunities throughout our organization, involving our clients and partners. We want to have an impact on these issues that goes far beyond corporate boundaries, thus developing more inclusive and sustainable social contexts.

Patrick Forestieri. To whom can companies turn to certify their inclusive capacity and gender equality?

The ISO ecosystem, with ISO 30415:2021 recognized in 165 countries and Reference Practice 125/22, is the most universally recognized model to rely on. A credible certification system involves both standardization (such as ISO and UNI) and reliable organizations that confirm compliance with certification standards.

Relying on the ISO ecosystem means counting on accredited Certification Bodies, whose task is to prove the company’s compliance with the standard through rigorous audits and verification processes.

Companies wishing to become certified can purchase the chosen standard (ISO 30415:2021 or UNI PdR 125/22) directly on the ISO or UNI website. Then, contact an accredited Certification Body to schedule an audit to obtain certification, and, if desired, be accompanied by a consulting firm experienced in this area.

The certifications mentioned in the interview are the natural result of Group activities over its more than 25 years of operation. This created a valuable legacy of experience in support of social and employment inclusion. Our projects in the area of inclusion in the labor market also allowed us to be present in the Register of Inclusive Companies of the city of Bologna.

Our Group is a woman: a story of inclusion

The presence of women in Gruppo Lavoropiù has been a long-standing theme, a thread that runs through the entire history of our company. This has contributed to deeply connoting its identity and value horizons since its beginnings. For Employment Agencies, which are dedicated to creating relationships between people, total openness regarding equal opportunities and accessibility to work should be a necessary and structural condition, not just an accessory.

Our idea of value is based on the ability to communicate and dialogue, foster mediation, and eliminate conflict; as well as having a collaborative spirit, flexibility, resilience, courage, and determination. We have often found these qualities to a greater extent in women (about 80 percent of the corporate workforce), which is why we have chosen to foster their presence as much as possible within our company system, spontaneously motivated by the desire to multiply Gruppo Lavoropiù’s business opportunities from these values.
We are therefore talking about a real cultural challenge that always takes into consideration both people, with their attitudes and behaviors, and the context in which they operate.

Additionally, a Corporate Welfare Plan geared towards the well-being of employees, families, and businesses is integrated into this scenario. This plan is discussed and updated annually based on the old and new needs of our workers.

Even at the leadership level, the added value that a woman can bring to a company is a combination of practicality, planning, and attention to people. For this, and many other reasons, women within Gruppo Lavoropiù hold roles of absolute responsibility.

The impetus that drives Lavoropiù to reduce the gender gap within its organization is combined with the desire to include very young resources who have completed their studies. In 2019, the average age of new placements within the group was 30 years, with a background mainly in the humanities. The employment agency sector is highly multidisciplinary, requiring legal and economic knowledge, vision, interpersonal skills, and a propensity for listening and guidance. Consequently, there is no privileged course of study; Lavoropiù Group can make up for any gaps or lack of knowledge with targeted internal training courses that are ongoing. Our training package and value horizon are certainly reasons for attracting and retaining employees to the company, which has a low level of turnover compared to the average industry figure.

Nice 2NEET Her!

The project Nice 2NEET Her!, launched in early 2020, embodies everything mentioned in the previous point. This new project was created to intercept the female audience belonging to the NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) cluster. By creating a new specialized team, Gruppo Lavoropiù now focuses on facilitating the job placement of the female population aged 18 to 30 who, once they have finished their education, disappear from all employment statistics.

The first step in this new project involved searching for the best local interlocutors. With Nice 2NEET Her!, Gruppo Lavoropiù intends to create a direct connection with institutions and territorial bodies in order to gain access to more specific data on employment and to evaluate potential forms of collaboration aimed at raising awareness about female inactivity.

Again, there’s a woman at the helm of this project…

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