Never stop learning

Career Services, Training & Outplacement

In a changing world, the success of a company is directly linked to its team’s expertise.
Skills are not static and need a continuous upgrading process, which becomes even more critical to prepare employees for new roles, duties, and responsibilities.
Pyou provides a comprehensive range of services to be always at the top

  • workplace climate analysis
  • coaching
  • assessment
  • skill audits
  • job analysis
  • team building activities
  • coaching & training 


Pyou’s dedicated team carries out a complete analysis of what is needed by the company and defines the goals to reach with the management. In this process, the preliminary assessment has a pivotal role. Through a specific testing process, our specialists can analyze the skills of the workforce. In the process, employees share their opinions and views about the goals to reach. This activity can contribute to:

  • increase self-knowledge and motivation
  • problem-solving and facilitation of teamwork
  • how to respond to conflict
  • how to avoid conflict
  • develop stronger sales skills

In specific cases, such as a selection process with a large group of candidates, Pyou organizes an Assessment Center, a survey methodology useful for identifying the skills necessary to carry out a professional activity. It is used both for recruiting and for the mapping of human resources within a company. The verification of these skills takes place through exercises and tests (Disc, Big 5, and any other specific tool needed) that simulate a company’s operational and organizational reality, allowing the detection of the behaviors implemented by individuals.


Our specialists have developed unique coaching and training skills, implemented with the most advanced learning technology, with topics like communication & leadership, effective teamwork, conflict management, and smart working strategies.
All these projects integrate soft skills and hard skills and can be attended both live or online.


Outplacement not only speeds up the job search process of former employees but is also pertinent about your company’s reputation and culture. A strong employer brand, especially in delicate moments like this one, is critical when you aim to engage and keep top talents, now more than ever. 

In this process,  former employees will go through career assessments, CV review, one-to-one coaching and support, job search advice, and interview training: many steps forward in transitioning to a new job.