Always looking for talent

Something about the Pyou Vision & Mission

It’s people that can change the world. Better candidates make better companies.
Pyou is transforming the idea of Human Resources through:

a clever and original approach

established competence and expertise


custom-built solutions

From Italy to the World

With over 120 branches, Lavoropiù is one of the best known Italian companies operating in recruitment and HR consulting, with headquarters in Bologna. Pyou is the group’s international identity and is present in Brazil, United Kingdom, Spain and Hong Kong. And this is just the beginning!

The specific area in Italy where our group was born has always been the packaging and automation industry’s cradle. The leading companies in these fields have their headquarters here. For this reason, all of our recruiters are highly knowledgeable about these sectors.

Always attentive to the needs and demands of the market, the company has specialized in crucial sectors, such as:








Food & Agriculture



That’s the usual question you get when your company name sounds strange in a new and foreign environment.

It was not easy to understand a term like Lavoropiù ,even its sound.
We had to explain the correct pronunciation that, in the end, sounded something like “pyou.
So, at the time to identify the Lavoropiù Group’s identity around the world, Pyou was an easy option to choose.
Our clients and friends had decided on our name!

Tailor-made solutions

Guaranteed high quality

These are the winning recipes we offer to both candidates and companies.

Passion is our secret ingredient, the spice that makes the difference.
Pyou does not offer just HR services. We provide answers and help for real people, just like us.
Acting locally with a think global approach is what makes us unique.
An “ahead-of-time” mindset makes Pyou the ideal matchmaker in recruiting.

Our approach allows the use of specialized recruiters in their fields of reference, thus identifying highly qualified professionals aligned to each customer’s needs.


along all the stages of the selection process, moved by the enthusiasm and
professionalism of our people, committed to identifying the best profiles.

Places & People

Our commitment

Last but not least, we care for the places & people where we operate. We work hard to have a positive social impact. Pyou builds projects and collaborates with local entities such as schools,  to positively impact our communities.

With its interaction with local communities and institutions, Pyou supports several activities such as sport, health, and culture through:

Lavoropiù goes
to school

Job & Meeting

Sponsorships & Donations

Inclusion Projects

Lavoropiù goes
to school

Jobs & Meeting

Sponsorships & Donations

Inclusion Projects